New leadership for Governors’ Wind and Solar Energy Coalition

Source: By Greg Alvarez, AWEA • Posted: Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Congratulations to Gov. Raimondo and Gov. Brownback, and a word of thanks for Gov. Terry Branstad’s steadfast leadership while chairing the group this year.

R.I. Gov. Raimondo picked to lead wind, solar coalition

Source: By Colin A. Young, State House News Service, Herald News • Posted: Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, who has overseen the rise of the country’s first offshore wind farm, has been tapped to lead a group of governors interested in promoting wind energy.

Raimondo was named 2017 chair of the Governors’ Wind and Solar Energy Coalition, a bipartisan group that Massachusetts helped to found in 2008, and Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas was named vice chair, the coalition announced Monday. The announcement came as coalition members gathered Monday in Providence for an offshore wind development summit, the group said.

R.I.’s Deepwater Wind the focus of national wind energy conference

Source: By Alex Kuffner, Providence Journal • Posted: Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

The completion near Block Island this summer of the first offshore wind farm in the nation marks a milestone, but it will mean little if more projects don’t follow. Developers, suppliers, elected officials and regulators gathered on Tuesday for the first day of a national offshore wind power conference to see what they could learn from the construction of Deepwater Wind’s five-turbine Block Island wind farm, and to discuss larger prospects for the industry.

Washington State’s Ambitious Carbon Tax Proposal

Source: By Editorial Board, New York Times • Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Anybody hoping for a robust national discussion about climate change this election year has been sorely disappointed. But one state, Washington, has been having just such a debate, thanks to an ambitious ballot proposal that would impose a tax on carbon emissions.

DOE — U.S. will triple its solar capacity by 2017

Source: By (Bobby Magill, London Guardian • Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The United States is on track to triple its solar power capacity in three years, according to the Department of Energy. The agency recently released data indicating that solar power has continued to grow in the country, while the coal market has been shrinking. Experts say that the rise in the solar energy industry can be attributed to the low costs of equipment as well as tax credits offered to the sector

Here’s how much of the world would need to be covered in wind turbines to power the planet

Source: By Leanna Garfield, Business Insider • Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Wind energy is a deeply underrated resource. Though the US invested $14.5 billion in wind-power projects last year, wind farms still provide just 4% of the nation’s electricity, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Globally, that percentage is about the same — teven hough researchers estimate that non-urban wind farms have the technical potential to produce up to 40 times the electricity the world consumes.

Solar deregulation battle heats up in Nev.

Source: Benjamin Storrow, E&E reporter • Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Few voters have a taste for lengthy debates over utility regulation. Nevadans are different. Last year, a fierce battle over rooftop solar engulfed the state. When regulators unanimously decided to do away with the retail rate doled out to residential producers, even celebrities like Mark Ruffalo joined the clamor of protests at the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to denounce the ruling.

Governors’ Wind & Solar Energy Coalition Names 2017 Leaders

Source: By North American Wind Power • Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The Governors’ Wind & Solar Energy Coalition has appointed Gov. Gina Raimondo, D-R.I., and Gov. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., the group’s chair and vice chair, respectively, for 2017. Rhode Island has positioned itself as a leader in offshore renewable energy, says the coalition, referring to the Block Island Wind Farm.

Governors’ group announces new leadership

Source: Geof Koss, E&E reporter • Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The Governors’ Wind & Solar Energy Coalition has picked Rhode Island Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) as chairwoman and Kansas Republican Gov. Sam Brownback as vice chairman, the group announced today. In a statement, Raimondo touted the Block Island Wind Farm — the nation’s first offshore wind facility, which is slated to come online before the end of the year.

Why it matters: Energy

Source: By The Associated Press • Posted: Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

THE ISSUE: Energy independence has been a goal of every president since Richard Nixon. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different ways to achieve it. How energy is produced and where it comes from affect jobs, the economy and the environment.